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Head of Performance Marketing

Súper helps millions of Latin Americans buy their first insurance policy. We design super simple, super affordable, super easy to use insurance for people that (correctly!) don't trust the legacy insurance industry.

No adjusters, no negotiating, no deductibles. What you see is what you get.

We're well funded, backed by highly regarded USA-based VCs. We have a cool product that people want and that respects the customer. We're chill people that have done this before. It's a cool place to work.

The Role:

You will own our digital marketing channels (currently our best channels), so you'll be responsible for most of our marketing budget. It is an absolutely critical responsibility, so you'll be involved at all levels of the company: from board meetings to talking with our customer service staff.

This role is one of the most impactful positions at the entire company. If you want to work somewhere where your work directly translates to the success of a business—and where you are recognized for it—Súper is for you.

We sell insurance products that are radical: and our digital creatives should be radically good as well. This role requires a unique balance between a highly quantitative mind and a creative spirit.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Your #1 job is to drive down CAC for our online marketing channels.
  • Propose new campaigns, messages, and experiments.
  • Generate audience insights for our product teams.

Your requirements:

Must haves:

  • You're a master marketer. You have many years of experience managing performance marketing campaigns on facebook and google for startups with large budgets.
  • Data-driven mindset. You can't imagine doing your job without constant experimentation.
  • You have a growth culture. Every month must be better than the last.
  • You're creative and empathetic. You can propose marketing campaigns that are funny, or sad, or scary, or romantic.
  • You think most digital marketing you see absolutely sucks, and you could do much much better.
  • You're an awesome coworker. We have a "no jerks" policy so... don't be one.

Nice to haves:

  • You can write some SQL.
  • You've used Looker.

What we don't care about:

  • We don't care where you went to college.


We pay tip-top of market for Mexico, and competitive everywhere. This position includes equity in Súper.


Honestly, is there a benefit that really matters to you? Just tell us. The answer is probably "yes" as long as you're getting stuff done. That being said:

  • All of the benefits required by law (you'll be in "nómina")
  • Health insurance
  • Mandatory 4-weeks vacation per year.
  • Sponsored conferences if you're into that.

Interested? Please write me directly at sebastian@super.mx