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Product Manager - Home

Súper helps millions of Latin Americans buy their first insurance policy. We design super simple, super affordable, super easy to use insurance for people that (correctly!) don't trust the legacy insurance industry.

We're well funded, backed by highly regarded USA-based VCs. We have a cool product that people want and that respects the customer. We're a team of experienced founders and startup veterans who have done this before. This is a place that’s both a fun AND impactful place to work.

The Role:

You will be the fifth member of our product team and responsible for the roadmap of our upcoming home insurance product. You’ll be working very closely with our design, engineering, sales, marketing, partnerships, and legal teams to make sure we build the very best products for our customers. You’ll get a lot of exposure to our CEO and work every day with our US based Head of Product.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Your #1 responsibility is to own the roadmap of our upcoming home product. You’ll need to understand our users, the market, our product, and our systems deeply and make sure we’re building the best possible product we can
  • You’ll spend a lot of time on feature definition and development, working with the design and engineering team to define what we’re building and getting it built on time
  • There are plenty of exciting dimensions to this role but there’s also a lot of rote, insurance is a product category with a lot of details and edge cases that we need to get right. That means getting into the weeds on product definition and lot of time testing to make sure everything works as intended
  • This is a highly cross-functional role so you’ll have to work with pretty much everyone in the company (and many people outside our company) in one form or another

Your requirements:

  • A passion for understanding users - you have to be excited to get up every day and try to get to know our users a little bit better
  • Data-driven - You love digging into the numbers to see what they have to tell you (though you also understand the limits of data).
  • A growth mindset - you’re excited to learn and grow as our company does
  • An understanding of how technology products get built - you don’t need to be deeply technical, but you do need to understand enough of how the internet works to work closely with engineers every day. Talking through the structure of a database or the details of an API integration shouldn’t scare you.
  • Ability to work cross-functionally and get things done when you have many different stakeholders to navigate and a lot of different dependencies to manage
  • Scrappy - you’re willing to roll up your sleeves to make sure the unglamorous work needed to launch a feature gets done
  • Fully bilingual - you’ll need to be comfortable spending half your day in Spanish and the other half in English
  • You're an awesome coworker. We have a "no jerks" policy so... don't be one.

What we don't care about:

  • We don't care where you went to college or whether you have a fancy logo on your resume


We pay tip-top of market for Mexico, and are competitive everywhere if you’re in another market. This position includes equity in Súper.


Honestly, is there a benefit that really matters to you? Just tell us. The answer is probably "yes" as long as you're getting stuff done. That being said:

  • All of the benefits required by law (you'll be in "nómina")
  • Health insurance
  • Mandatory 4-weeks vacation per year.
  • Sponsored conferences if you're into that.

Interested? Please write me directly at sofia.galan@super.mx