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Senior Front-end Engineer (VueJS) 🔍

You'll join super as one of the first 3 members of our high-performing, diverse engineering team. You'll be our first dedicated front-end engineer. You'll improve our existing vue.js codebase and ship new features. You'll also listen to customer/support feedback and have the opportunity to suggest new features or interactions to improve the user experience.

As the team grows, you'll help onboard new members of the team, and create the standards and styles for a top-notch front-end vue.js app.

Our stack:

  • Vue.js + Elixir/Phoenix
  • Hosted on netlify & gigalixir

You'll do well in this role if:

  • You enjoy working in small, close-knit teams.
  • You're excited by the idea of doing a deep-dive into an existing code base—and improving it incrementally.
  • You like having responsibility and "owning" features and code.
  • You are excited about building a team and a company culture.
  • You're a chill, relaxed person.

What will your first 30/60/90 days at Súper look like?

First 30 days

You're getting to know the product, the stack (Phoenix + Vue), the team and the roadmap.

We'll  pick some small features that have already been specced for you to  implement, either alone or paired with someone else from the team. We’re  a small team, with a small product, so we hope you will get up to speed  quickly. You’ll be able to commit code on day 1!

You'll give feedback and expand your technical understanding of Súper's product by participating in code reviews.

The firsst 30 days will be a success if you become familiar with our product & stack, and feel confident contributing on your own. 

30-60 days

The small features you built in the first 30 days have immediatly shown you all the places our code could improve, from a readability, performance, and reliability POV. At this point you're working with the rest of the team to prioritize larger features, some of which will require refactoring parts of the existing codebase, but only incrementally and as a means of shipping new features. You "own" shipping these new features start-to-finish.

60-90 days

At this point you're our resident vue.js expert, and the rest of the team deferrs to you when it comes to frontend code. You're setting new guidelines—for code and for the entire org.

The team is continuing to grow, and you're helping onboard new hires.  Old features have started to break, and you're refactoring old code  given new understanding of how customers use the product and business  requirements.

Your requirements:

  • You're a highly experienced vue.js engineer.
  • Extremely familiar with vuex, vuex patterns, and state management.
  • Familiar with code splitting, reducing bundle size, etc.
  • You have opinions about how to organize vue projects, but are not dogmatic about them.
  • Reasonably competent at css and can manage many cross-browser compatibility issues.
  • You're a chill and relaxed person. None of your coworkers would call you a "jerk."

What we don't care about:

  • Don't care about your college degree or lack of college degree.
  • Don't care about lack of open source contributions.


We pay tip-top of market for Mexico.


Honestly, is there a benefit that really matters to you? Just tell  us. The answer is probably "yes" as long as you're getting stuff done.  That being said:

  • All of the benefits required by law (you'll be in "nómina")
  • Flexible vacation.
  • Very flexible about remote work.
  • Sponsored conferences if you're into that.


Our office is in Mexico City.

Interested? Please write me directly at sebastian@super.mx