It’s with enormous pride that we are announcing that Rai (Krishna) Esteva is joining Súper to lead our product team.

Of course, there is a very obvious reason why we’re excited that someone of Krishna’s caliber is joining Súper: mostly, because when a top 1% product manager on planet earth wants to join your company you simply don’t say no 😂.

Rai built where he helped early stage startups scale their product, recruiting, and operations. Before that he was at NerdWallet where as Head of Banking he was responsible for one of NerdWallet’s largest verticals. He was also integral to building out NerdWallet’s logged-in member experience, responsible for several of the largest product launches in his time there (NerdWallet Rewards and NerdWallet Cash Back).

As someone who knows the intricacies of the space deeply, he knows what it takes to create value for consumers and scale a FinTech brand.

There’s a few things about Krishna in particular that make him a perfect fit for Súper. He’s mission driven (a must for all Súpers), multicultural (Mexican, Indian and American) and perfectly bilingual. This is super important to us, because we’re a bit of a strange company: we’re based in Mexico and serve Mexican customers, but we run our company in English and try to model it after US startup culture. So for us Krishna is perfect.

(Did I mention he’s an awesome PM?)

We’re also very excited about having Krishna join the budding Mexico Product Management ecosystem. Product Management is a very young discipline in Mexico (I guess it’s young everywhere, but especially here!). And unlike engineering or design, it’s a discipline that is very hard to teach. It’s very much trial by fire. We think he can be an incredible addition to the ecosystem.

Krishna joining the team is not without challenges. He’s based out of San Francisco, we’re further cementing Súper as a remote-first company (with Súpers in Monterrey and Oaxaca this was already pretty clear, but…). And although Krishna is very much bicultural, he knows he is not 100% fluent when it comes to mexican culture, which is particularly scary for a product manager. This means he’s going to need some help.

If you believe in Súper’s mission of helping millions of Mexicans buy their first insurance policy, there’s a few things you can do to:

  • Follow @rkesteva on twitter, and say hi to him.
  • Tag a few of your favorite mexican or mexico-based Product Managers.

¡And please join me in welcoming Rai to Súper!